A new Era of Travel Management

The next generation Business Travel Platform

Our cutting-edge Business Travel Platform ensures the best employee experience - built for the new hybrid workforce looking for flexibility. It lets employees combine business & leisure (blended travel) trips while automatically separating the expenses.

With our all-in-one solution, your team can easily manage it all – flight and hotel bookings, travel policy, expense management, duty of care, and beyond!

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Booking experiencewith a nordic touch

Book a Business trip in just 60 seconds

Why spend hours and hours booking a business trip when you can do it in just 60 seconds?

Our smooth Nordic user experience and inventory of hundreds of thousands hotels and apartments in 180 countries and with all major airlines will help you find, book and pay for your trip in 60 seconds! The best part? You can save up to 25% off hotel reservations.

Business + Leisure = Bleisure

Business + Leisure = Blended travel

Finally, you can combine business & leisure in one booking. Travelin.Ai automatically separates business and leisure expenses – keeping both you and the company happy.

Because happy employees are loyal employees! And why not bring friends & family along? All in one place!

Safety First, Secondand Third

Flexibility, changeability & peace of mind

Found a better hotel? A better location? A nicer room? No problem, no need to email or call us. Just make the changes you want straight from your booking, simple as that. And soon you will be able to do the same with flights!

Safety First, Secondand Third

Safety First, Second
and Third

Traveling in these special times can be a hassle with travel restrictions, hotel cleanliness and general location safety! Our safety scores let you know which destinations are safe to stay at. Our platform also shows Covid-19 travel restrictions in different places, and which hotels meet strict Covid-19 health and safety protocols have been tagged with “Safestay” badge, so the only thing you come home with is a souvenir.

You weren't made to do expenses!

You weren't made to do expenses!

That’s why we are doing it for you! When you book flights & hotels with us, you don’t have to worry about expenses, it all happens automagically with our automatic expense management - leaving you with less vacation stress. Saving you and the company time and money.

Workation, the post pandemic way to work and travel!

Workation, travel as a benefit at its best!

Aren’t we all tired of sitting in the same place for the past 2 years? With the world opening up let’s boost your energy, inspiration, and productivity by working while you vacay abroad! A Workation let’s you go, stay, vacay and work from abroad for a longer period of time.

Happy planet,Happy travel

Happy planet,
Happy travel

Instead of going on multiple trips for your business and leisure travel, let’s combine them while also finding the greenest way to your destination. It will save flights, taxis, hotels, your wallet and the planet! Leave Mother Earth Smiling!