A new Era of Travel Management

The next generation Business Travel Platform

Our cutting-edge Business Travel Platform ensures the best employee experience - built for the new hybrid workforce looking for flexibility. It lets employees combine business & leisure (blended travel) trips while automatically separating the expenses.

With our all-in-one solution, your team can easily manage it all – flight and hotel bookings, travel policy, expense management, duty of care, and beyond!

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Business + Leisure = Bleisure

Save More Than Just Pennies

Unfortunately, 50% of corporate trips are made outside traditional company travel platforms because employees' leisure requirements aren’t met. So for you to drive more volume to negotiate better corporate flight and hotel rates, you need a corporate travel platform that employees love to use! By combining business & leisure through us you will get there in the blink of an eye.

Booking experiencewith a nordic touch

Safety Here, There, and Everywhere!

Our travel platform provides city and neighbourhood safety scores so your employees will know where it's safe to stay. With the “Safestay” badge we show which hotels have strict COVID 19 cleaning standards in place. In our Duty of Care dashboard you will have an overview of up and coming and current business travel.

We also offer 24/7 global emergency response management through Falck Global Assistance.

Happy planet,Happy travel

Cut cost and risk with ease

With just a few clicks you can set individual, group & department travel policies with a simple to understand approval process, the easiest way to control cost and risk. So you don’t have to micromanage or worry about budgets spinning out of control! Booking and expense overview in one dashboard.

You weren't made to do expenses!

Access your Corporate Rates!

Access your corporate rates instantly for flights and hotels. You don't have any negotiated rates? Don't worry, you can still save up to 25% off with our hotels & apartments offerings in 180 countries. And don't forget our Airbnb bookings Service!

Workation, the post pandemic way to work and travel!

No more multiple Invoices

Hate getting 100s of travel related invoices a month? Travelin.Ai will compile all your expenses into one weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly invoice. save one corporate credit card for all your employees, so you don’t have to track 20 cards across the globe. Your employees can save their corporate and personal cards too.

Safety First, Secondand Third

Fight Fumes As You Book

Who said finance departments can’t be climate change fighting champions? Travelin.Ai offers a Co2 Emissions visibility dashboard, so you can easily track your carbon footprint. We also offer access to offset projects that you as a company can get behind!