A new Era of Travel Management

The future of business travel is here. Finally!

Attracting and retaining talent is the #1 priority in the post-pandemic world. Our cutting-edge Business Travel Platform ensures the best employee experience - built for the new hybrid workforce looking for flexibility. It lets employees combine business & leisure (blended travel) trips while automatically separating the expenses.

With our all-in-one solution, your team can easily manage it all – flight and hotel bookings, travel policy, expense management, duty of care, and beyond!

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Business + Leisure = Bleisure

The best Employee Experiences!

Existing corporate travel platforms just don’t meet the needs of employees looking to book business trips. That's why 50% of employees book outside companies' travel platforms. And when employers don't have travel visibility, it gets harder for companies to handle their duty of care responsibilities!

Therefore you need a corporate travel platform that employees would like to use. Combining business & leisure in one platform will keep your employees safe and smiling from ear to ear!

Booking experiencewith a nordic touch

Safety Here, There, and Everywhere!

Our travel platform provides city and neighbourhood safety scores so your employees will know where it's safe to stay. With the “Safestay” badge we show which hotels have strict COVID 19 cleaning standards in place. In our Duty of Care dashboard you will have an overview of up and coming and current business travel.

We also offer 24/7 global emergency response management through Falck Global Assistance.

Happy planet,Happy travel

Show Employees You Care

There are only a few things that really matter to your employees - like work/life balance. Keep your employees happy by enabling combined business & leisure and workation as perks! Travelin.Ai makes attracting new talent a walk in the park. By showing flexibility as a company, you show potential employees that you’re a welcoming space that puts their needs first.

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You weren't made to do expenses!

CSR that employees will get behind

Employees expect more than ever from the companies they work for. Employees want to believe that they are part of something bigger. This is why they want to see their values reflected in companies corporate social responsibility.

Our beautiful carbon footprint dashboard allows companies to report and offset their emissions, so you can forge positive change in the world, and create a happy planet and happy employees!